Spring Is In The Air: Time to Stock up on Beer!

As the weather improves and the snow melts, who finds themselves spending more money at The Beer Store.? There is something about warmer weather and the ability for beer to quench your thirst more than other possibly more healthy alternatives. With such wide varieties to choose from these days, why not take your splurge one step further this year. Consider treating yourself to some new beer glasses or beer related items this spring. Forget spring cleaning, it can wait!

All designated beer drinking areas requires a tin sign.


Once your sign is in place and the area is assigned, you’re going to need something to open your beer. Although your teeth will work in a pinch, it’s not worth the potential trip to the dentist if things don’t go as planned. This golf club bottle opener is made from an actual iron that was well loved and recycled. Due to uniqueness of each recycled club, color, size and degree of wear will vary. Measures approximately 9"-10" tall. Each bottle opener comes in an embroidered flannel gift pouch.


Now that your beer is open, you’re going to need some place to pour it into. A beer tasting gift set is a great way to try different kinds of beer. The four uniquely shaped taster glasses are designed specifically to bring out the best flavours in a wide variety of beers. Expand your beer horizons!

Wheat Beer Tasting Glass: The narrow centre helps to maintain carbonation, while the bulging top allows room for the head.

Tulip Tasting Glass: This glass is best for strongly flavoured, malty beers. The tulip shape traps the sweet aromatics & maintains a lively head.

Porter/Stout Tasting Glass: The stem elevates the beer to highlight the dark, rich, colour of porters & stouts.

Pilsner Tasting Glass: The narrow shape helps to preserve carbonation, capture aroma & maintain the head.

Or if you know your tastes and would rather a tall glass of the good stuff, then consider treating yourself to some vintage pilsner glasses.

It’s a good match for the retro tin sign! It always tastes better in a special glass. Cheers to trying something new this new beer season.