7 Must-Haves for the Perfect Pride Celebration

This year it seems that we have more reasons to celebrate Pride than ever. But do you have everything you need for your biggest Pride celebration yet?

To help you prepare, we've made this checklist of essentials, available at our Kensington Market location at 250 Augusta Avenue.

1. The right water bottle

Let's start with the basics: you're going to need the "perfectly Pride" (in the words of our own Mark) water bottle to make it through the Parade on July 3. 

S'Well... with Pride. Geddit?

2. The right socks

Whether your pride is fierce or frisky, we've got you covered from knee to toe with these styles by Sock It To Me.


3. The right accessories 

Gender schmender. What we want to know is: can you accessorize? We're geeking out about our assortment of bow ties (Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who!) from Edmonton company MBM!

4. The right drinking companions

Now you can have Sex on the Beach in the comfort of your own home. But it's not about the drink, it's about the company. You won't find better drinking companions than these strong and silent little guys.

The Sex on the Beach kit (which includes the mixing bottle but not the Drinking Buddies Drink Markers) is also available for order online.

5. The right cake

This Duff Goldman Tie Dye cake will be the crowning glory of your Pride Party. Make the queen serve YOU by adding some ice cream with this Ice Queen Scoop by Paladone.

6. A Canadian spirit

It's always a good time to let everyone know that Canada stands for diversity. And tea. And moose(s?). 


7. The right attitude 

 Have fun!