Drowning in the little stuff that collects on every surface, in every room of your home? You’re not alone. Here are 7 easy ways to hide your chaotic jumble of odds and ends in plain view:

Solution #1: The Bathroom

No more overflowing bathroom shelves. Store your cotton balls, earrings and hair ties in this perfectly named Stop It Trinket Box. Stop the bathroom chaos now!

Solution #2: The Kitchen

Make best use of your very precious counter space by keeping your utensils all in one place. Never search through a crowded junk draw again to find your whisk or slotted spoon – the paint can utensil holder reflects your creativity as you cook and is your utensil sous chef.

Solutions #3 and #4: The Office

Tidy office, tidy mind. Up your productivity quotient by storing office must-haves in these pencil and ruler decorated boxes. Put your new school electronic accessories in these old school themed boxes. Invest the time in getting your office organized and you will reap the benefits of finding what you need whenever you need it.

Solution #5: The Dining Room

The amount of wine that you need to store changes depending on the season and how thirsty you and your guests are. Why not use a flexible, adjustable wine rack that takes only the space needed to store the wine bottles you have on hand? Add them together to store more, fold it down when the need is less. Genius!

Solutions #6 and #7: The Worst Junk Offender – The Purse

We know that technically your purse is not a room in your home, but odds and ends seem to find their way there and never leave! Find what you need in an instant with these two handy clutter-busters just right for your purse:

Don’t wait for Spring! Act now and enjoy the Fall and Winter clutter-free.