5 Canada Day Celebration Essentials

Canada Day is traditionally spent with family and friends, enjoying good food and drink together. To help you celebrate our national day, we've prepared this list of summertime fun essentials. 

1. BBQ 

What would Canada Day be without a barbecue? We've got delicious sauces and rubs to help you grill like a gourmet. 

And this little Butter Boy (the green guy) by Talisman Designs helps you get more butter on the corn. Which helps you get more butter in your tummy.

Our Canadian-themed Beaver Rub is available at our Toronto retail store at 250 Augusta Avenue or for order online


Bring the flavour of the amusement park to your backyard with this Funnel Cake Kit by Fun Pack Foods and craft beer pretzel mixes by Boardwalk Food Company. 

Just add beer? You don't have to ask twice, it's Canada Day!


Speaking of beer, since the weather is sure to be hot, make sure you have lots of cool drinks (alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic) ready for your guests.

If you're going to bust out the beer on Canada Day, why not brew your own Canadian Pale Ale with this craft brew kit?

Available in our retail and online shops.


Eaten enough yet? Didn't think so! Complete your feast with fun frozen treats. The kids will thank you... and so will everyone else!

Just don't leave any little monkeys alone with the bottle of syrup!

"Gimme gimme!"



Remember, celebrate Canada Day responsibly! 

Don't be this guy:


"Was it all a dream?"