Wine and cheese: two of life’s greatest pleasures.  What could be better than hosting an intimate evening of good friends and serving an array of gorgeous cheeses paired with fine wine?   To help you create some fantastic pairings, the Blue Banana team did our own research on making the perfect wine and cheese matches. 

And here’s what we’ve found:  it’s true that you eat and drink with your eyes first.  So no matter what cheese and wine we paired together, the cheese always tasted better when paired with the right cheese board.  So here is our guide to pairing cheese and cheese boards (there are plenty of other sites that will teach you how to pair cheese and wine):


The Blue Banana Market Ultimate Cheese and Cheese Board Pairing Guide:

  1. For cheeses that are rustic and humble, pair with a hand crafted wood cheese board. A warm and character filled choice.


  1. For cheeses that have a European and mountain fresh taste, pair with a Swiss Wedge Cheese Board Kit. A bold and inspired choice.


  1. For truly elegant cheeses, pair with a high style Blue Glass cheese tray. A luminous, wine-focused choice.


  1. For cheeses that thrive in a moist environment, pair with the Pottery Cheese Bell. A choice for adventurous cheese lovers.


  1. For cheeses that respect the earth, pair with the Tree of Life Cutting Board. An environmentally conscious choice.

Disclaimer: this was not a scientific study and is based solely on the opinion of one of our staff – no staff, wine, cheeses or platters were harmed when conducting this study.