3 steps to Effectively Transition to Winter in Kensington Market

It’s starting to get cold as it often does towards the end of November. Although it happens every year, the transition can be a struggle. Here are a few helpful tips on how to weather the transition (literally) and keep enjoying the offerings of Kensington market as the temperature drops.

  1. Dress appropriately. We’re talking a warm coat, boots, and a hat. These three items will do wonders for your attitude towards winter. Treat yourself to a down jacket from Fresh Collective and feel good knowing that you’re supporting local designers.
  1. Drink more coffee. Kensington has some great independent coffee shops that can make you feel warm on the coldest of days. Café Novo is a nice spot to start with organic and fair trade varieties. An original supersonic cookie from Bunner’s Bakery is the perfect match to coffee…and it’s vegan and filling!
  1. Keep shopping. Whether you’re dreaming of the cycling season, or you’re still holding on, Bikes on Wheels is the spot to frequent. Blue Banana Market is one of Toronto’s best gift stores. A Kensington staple for over 8 years, it houses many vender stalls and their wares and all things unique. Another plus during the colder months is the physical size of the building. If you do some laps of the store, you’re sure to warm up at the same time as shopping. When its simply too cold to venture to Augusta Ave., you can check out the online store. Lots of unique gifts shipped to your door—without having to weather the weather!