It’s All in the Presentation

Have you organized a cocktail party for the holiday season? Or are you nervous about taking the leap? Even if you’re not a gourmet in the kitchen, you can appear to be a culinary goddess with a few unique pieces and some presentation tips.

When it comes to appetizers, there are many options for appearing like you know what you’re doing. Consider these items to display some easy and delicious snacks:


It’s also a good idea to have some free flowing drink options. This will help ensure that your guests are having a good time and they may not remember how your food actually tastes...just how it looks. You can serve your wine in one of these:


And a few different options for beer. With so many craft beer choices available, you may want to give your guests the flight option to taste.


Or maybe you want to make your own craft beer for the party with this make your own kit.

Homemade craft beer served in the vintage pilsners says “this guy knows what he is doing."

So go for it! Pick a day, invite your guests, plan your food and drink and let the games begin! Oh, and don’t forget to clean your house.