Now that the holiday season is behind us, have the baby shower invites started to come in? With Malcolm Gladwell’s Outlier theory on the benefits of being born early in the year, there seems to be a spike in family planning that results in a first quarter or spring birth.

If you’re looking to stem away from the registry and tradition, check out a few of these funny but useful items for the new baby to be. Let’s be clear, little beats a new bundle of joy and buying for that bundle is just as nice.

Sippy cups will save your floors, clothes, and the baby’s face from becoming a sticky mess. And why shouldn’t babies have trendy sippy cups that make them feel grown up?

  1. The Sriracha sippy cup will let this pending baby be a little on the spicy side without having to take a time out. Sippy cup can be filled with milk, water, or juice. We suggest holding off on hot sauce. It's a grown up way to enjoy a kid-friendly beverages. Plus, it's a great baby shower gift for your friend who never goes anywhere without her spicy sauces.


  1. Do you have experience with a little one waking up on the wrong side of the crib?  Maybe mornings are tough. Then help them to get their morning on with this tongue-in-cheek coffee house inspired sippy cup, so that they really can be just like you. Make the baby can feel included on coffee dates.

Onsies are very popular and useful pieces of clothing during the first year of life. A few witty versions below would bring a smile to the mama’s face and maybe even total strangers while on a walk. A definite crowd favourite at a baby shower.

  1. The #TBT onsie is a must have! A constant reminder of when the babe was in the womb and that full bladder feeling all over again.
  1. The silk screened Flawless onsie. Meant to reinforce an infant’s natural beauty.  
  1.  The IPood onsie. A play on the iPod and of course, dirty diapers.
  1.  A reminder of how small those little hands or feet were. Just press their tiny hand or foot into the clay to capture the precious imprint.
  1. The best swaddle blankets around. Hands down. And super cute jungle themes too. The latest and greatest in swaddle, spit up,  nursing cover, car seat cover, blankie, etc.


  1.  Do you have a flair for knowing the future? Maybe the Mysterio Predicts Baby T Shirt is an appropriate gift for your next baby shower? Each shirt is completely sealed in a handsome muslin bag, to be opened when ready. This baby may become...a Shipwreck Diver, Paranormal Investigator, 
Hot Realtor, 
Ousted CEO, 
Horse Whisperer, 
VP of Sales, 
Smooth Operator, 
Lottery Winner, 
Phone Psychic, 
Double Agent, 
Roller Coaster Tester, 
Donut Tycoon.  Give the gift of hope.


Break from tradition and bring something from the heart. Baby showers can be a little stale. Why not shake it up with one of these gifts this winter?