Man Up Lotion

Splendidly Soothing!
Keep your manly skin looking it's best with this hard working lotion.
Potent yet gentle botanicals help to keep the skin looking healthy and clear.
Use after shaving or any time to protect and soothe. Silk and antioxidant rich extracts ease irritation and soften the skin. Our all natural aromatherapy blend benefits the skin and leaves a natural woodland fresh scent.

Key Elements:

Kombucha, Green Tea, Dong Quai and botanical extracts: Selected botanicals that deliver antioxidants to the skin to promote overall skin health.

Silk Proteins: Derived from the abandoned silk worm’s cocoon provides amino acids and lipids as well as renowned anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and natural SPF qualities. Silk has long been used in body care preparations to treat wounds, stimulate, nourish and enliven the skin. Silk has a low molecular weight, meaning it can absorb deep into the dermis to provide nourishment.

The details: 118 ml