Beer Flight Set
Beer Flight Set Beer Flight Set
Ready to experience a beer flight? This beer sampling package is just the ticket to your flight. The four uniquely shaped taster glasses are designed specifically to bring out the best flavours in a wide variety of beers. Get tasting and expand your beer horizons.

The details: Includes: Beer Tasting Guide with information on food pairing, cheese pairing, serving temperatures and more. Wooden serving paddle. Size: 18" x 3.8".

Wheat Beer Tasting Glass
The narrow centre helps to maintain carbonation, while the bulging top allows room for the head.

11.8oz. (350ml)
7” H x 2.8” Ø
(18cm H x 7¼cm Ø) Tulip Tasting Glass

Tulip Tasting Glass
This glass is best for strongly flavoured, malty beers. The tulip shape traps the sweet aromatics & maintains a lively head.

8½oz. (250ml)
6¼” H x 2.6” Ø
16cm H x 6¾cm Ø Porter/Stout Tasting Glass

Porter/Stout Tasting Glass
The stem elevates the beer to highlight the dark, rich, colour of porters & stouts.

8½oz. (250ml)
5¾” H x 2¾” Ø
14½cm H x 7cm Ø Pilsner Tasting Glass

Pilsner Tasting Glass
The narrow shape helps to preserve carbonation, capture aroma & maintain the head.

8½oz. (250ml)
7” H x 2¼” Ø
17½cm H x 5¾cm Ø